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John Grantham

John headCurrently President of Loudoun Christian Justice Mission, Loudoun County ADC Chaplain and in-prison Bible Study Volunteer for the Loudoun County ADC.

The Lord called me to the jail ministry sometime in 2001-2002, though unfortunately I did not make enough of an effort to respond to that call. Though in 2005, the Lord tenderly reminded me, I responded and began one of the most important and rewarding journeys of my life. I began filling in at the old jail in Downtown Leesburg, and soon was given a fixed schedule on Sunday nights at the Loudoun County Work Release facility. It was there I served, while occasionally filling in at the main ADC, until July of 2012 when the Lord called me to a change where I served in the Maximum security pods for over 5 years at the Loudoun County ADC.  I now spend my time doing personal visits and Bible Studies with Trustees / Lyft Pods.

John attended Hebron Ministerial Institute in Guatemala City, Guatemala from 1995-1997, while working full time in International Supply Chain and Logistics. He is a member of Grace Tabernacle Church (part of the fellowship of Hebron Ministries International) in Ashburn, VA where he is the Head Usher and enjoys taking the Boys youth group camping, hiking and kayaking. He is a Minister of Chaplaincy (Hebron Ministries) and a Sr. Chaplain (International Fellowship of Chaplains). He has training/certifications in ASIST Suicide Interventation, Mental Health First Aid, Anger Management and CISM (Assisting Individuals in Crisis & Group Intervention) certified. In addition, he is a Certified Volunteer in Mentoring by Prison Fellowship.  He has been married to my wonderful wife since 1995 and have two beautiful children.

The Lord has done incredible things in the Bible Studies at the Loudoun County ADC over the years, and continually meets with the inmates in fresh and merciful ways. The blessings that this ministry have brought to my life and my family is enumerable and eternal.  I am very grateful for Loudoun Christian Justice Mission and its vision to bring the word of God to the needy inmates at Loudoun County ADC. I am filled with Joy every week to be able to share the good news of Christ Jesus our Lord and Savior through the blessings of the Cross of Calvary with so many needy and hungry men and women.

Loudoun Christian Justice Mission, Inc.

19309 Winmeade Drive #106, Lansdowne, VA 20176

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