Loudoun Christian Justice Mission, Inc., 19309 Winmeade Drive #106, Lansdowne, VA 20176


19309 Winmeade Drive #106
    Lansdowne, VA 20176

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  • Prisoner, Mentor Reentry Program

    "I have been seeing (name withheld) every few days as she was in a very sad spot.  We read through the full life of Joseph together and dig deep into his details down to days and years, brothers and more on things.  She really felt connected.  She started writing privately to Jesus in letters.  Read More
  • Elizabeth - Volunteer, Mentor Reentry

    "As a mentor I have had my ups and downs.  My first lady I was given the opportunity to Mentor was doing amazing in jail.  Once she was released, we started to have visits and again doing wonderful and being a wonderful mother.  Then one day she did not answer the phone, and a month went by and I had Read More
  • Prisoner, Bible Study & Mentor Reentry Program

    "I went to see (name withheld) this weekend.  She really wants to know the Lord. Badly. I could feel Gods presence when we spoke this weekend.  This is not her first time in jail.  I actually used to teach her in class the first time I met her in jail back when I went into A Pod.  I could never forget Read More
  • Elizabeth - Volunteer, Bible Study

    "My time with LCJM I have seen God work in so many ways.  When I first began providing bible studies, I was in A pod one evening.  (Name withheld) walked in and sat not at the table but against the wall and did not speak.  This went on for many weeks, until she one day started to come to the Read More
  • Prisoner, Bible Study & Mentor Reentry

    "I am now mentoring two ladies from maximum security pod who are not yet released.  You can imagine MAX can seem like a hopeless end.  They have been both in jail for over a year and fear for transfer if they are not sentenced soon.  One of the ladies reminded me a lot of another lady I was able to Read More
  • Brandon - Ex-Prisoner, Mentor Reentry

    "I became familiar with the work of the Loudoun Christian Justice Mission (LCJM) through the Bible studies offered while I was incarcerated at the Adult Detention Center (ADC). Some teachers helped me understand the inerrancy of Scripture by demonstrating its unity and harmony over many centuries, even though there are many human authors from different cultures and languages. To me, Read More
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Loudoun Christian Justice Mission, Inc.

19309 Winmeade Drive #106, Lansdowne, VA 20176

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